Sunday Service – October 18

Plan for in Person Live Services

Please read before signing up:
Each service will be limited to 50 people (including volunteers). The number of remaining spots will be reflected in the sign up form.

Signing Up

  • You will now be able to sign up for consecutive Sunday services.
  • Registration opens Tuesday at 8 am for the following Sunday, and closes on Thursday at 12 pm.
  • When you sign up please list each individual in your group(bubble). Even infants must be identified on the registration as they count towards our capacity limit.
  • Do not sign up if anyone in your home has shown signs of a cold in the last 10 days (fever, cough, chills, nausea, etc.) For a full list of symptoms please visit
  • Do not sign up if anyone in your home has been exposed to a known or suspected case of Covid-19, or if you have been out of the country within the last 14 days.
  • If after signing up someone in your group begins to show any symptoms please notify the office immediately so we can adjust our attendance plans.
  • For the time being we ask that those who typically attend other churches refrain from visiting TLC as a means to allow our own church body the opportunity to attend. Visitors who are not typically church attenders are welcome to sign up.

Sunday Morning

  • Please begin arrival at 9:40 am. Church will begin promptly at 10 am as we will have people tuning in for our live stream.
  • If you have not arrived by 10:05 am then we may have given your seat away to any visitors or new people who have chosen to join the service.
  • Upon arrival at the church please wait in your vehicle until you see the building has been opened for entry.
  • As you wait outside to enter please leave a distance of 6′ between you and other people not in your group.
  • While outside a greeter from TLC will ask: if you have preregistered for the service; and some health questions related to COVID-19.
  • When it’s your turn, please enter the building, please sanitize your hands and put on your mask. You must keep your mask on until you are seated.
  • After entering the main entrance go up the stairs in the lobby to the check in table and give your name. You will be asked to confirm your entire group is symptom free and confirm your phone number.
  • The person checking you in will tell you where you are seated, the pews will be numbered E.g. #1,2,3,4 , etc. There will also be a seating chart in the lobby.
  • There will be ushers to help direct you to your seat.
  • We encourage people to avoid use of the washrooms but if you need to use the restroom during the course of the service they will be open.
  • No coffee or food will be provided
  • At the start of the service the host will welcome everyone and at that point you may remove your mask. If at anytime you leave your seat please wear your mask.
  • The worship team will be singing from the platform. For now there will be no congregational singing. However there will be other ways we will be encouraged to worship God: responsive readings, and prayers
  • At the conclusion of the service you will be directed to exit the building one group at a time through the main doors of the auditorium. Once outside please do not break social distancing protocol while on church property.
  • If a confirmed case of Covid is traced back to any of our gatherings the attendance list from that morning would be shared with the Fraser Health Authority.
  • Our building will be sanitized after each gathering to ensure safety the following week.

To sign up for this Sunday’s Service fill out the registration below



10:00 am - 11:00 am


The Life Centre
The Life Centre, Peardonville Road, Abbotsford, BC, Canada